HUSQVARNA BRUSHCUTTER 131R Good quality than expected. With a 1.6-horsepower 1.6-liter engine, you can work comfortably with a hand-held grip that allows you to work a long way. HUSQVARNA BRUSHCUTTER 131R  Specially adapted for farm work, this brushcutter offers a robust, durable construction, easy starts and comfortable handling thanks to the die casted bullhorn handle bar bracket with anti-vibration. The tool-less filter cover makes the filter easy to access for cleaning. A metal skid plate protects the fuel tank whereas the metal clutch cover and die cast reinforced bevel gear provides durability and long lifetime.
 Two-ply high-strength piston ring To work fully.
 9 gear teeth, high strength, high torque.
 High performance air filter Easy to clean, no tools needed.
 28 mm. Spindle with 8-vibration spring suspension.
 Steel base for added strength and durability.
 With a dark grip Heavy duty aluminum handle Strong Reduces vibration on the handle.
 Handlebar grip set with adjustable rubber grip and soft rubber hand firmly.
 Heavy duty metal clutch cover. Reduce vibration With vent.
Lubricant typeHusqvarna 2 stroke
Power output32.6 cm³
Maximum rpm output shaft7100 rpm
Maximum power speed7000 rpm
Idling speed3000 rpm
Clutch engagement speed (±120)4880 rpm
Torque, max.1.3 Nm
Torque, max. at rpm6000 rpm
Fuel tank volume0.9 l
Fuel consumption550 g/kWh
Output shaft threadM10x1.25 Lefthanded
Spark plugNGK BPM7A
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