Husqvarna 301SM 1.5L Manual Sprayer



Perfect for spot treatments, and can be used around the home or garden. The pump is built into the handle and features a pressure release valve allowing you to safely remove the internal pressure prior to opening the sprayer to refill. Includes a poly adjustable nozzle for stream, cone, or mist. Pressure release valve allows you to safely remove internal pressure prior to opening the sprayer. Adjustable brass nozzle included.

Portable and Light weight
1.5 Litter capacity and dry weight of 530 grams.
Ergonomic Handle
Enhanced plastic grip with maximum spray lock at the reach of the thumb.
Durable Pump Shaft
Pump shaft made of durable Aluminum.
Corrosion resistance
Aluminum piston shaft, Plastic piston, NBR seals for long corrosion resistance.


Adjustable nozzle
Brass Cone and Jet Nozzle with a 300ml/min @2bar spraying delivery capacity.

Power sourceManual
Power/fuel typeManual
weight530 g
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